Kenneth Tynan: In Praise of Hardcore

Hey there! I don't speak Russian but I was hoping someone could help me find a copy of Kenneth Tynan: In Praise of Hardcore. I saw the rare movie exchange post but I cannot access the torrent site, it's a private tracker and registrations are closed.
Would anyone be so kind to upload the movie here? Thank you very much in advance!

2013-03-22 в 13:13 

Doktor Sleepless [DELETED user]
Hi there))
I can create a private torrrent for you.
Or I can put in on Google Disk =)

2013-03-22 в 13:46 

Thank you very much Эль Санти! That's really appreciated :D I prefer Google but a torrent is fine too...whatever is easier for you, really.

2013-03-22 в 13:58 

Doktor Sleepless [DELETED user]
Ok, I'll upload it in 2-3 days 'cause I'm not at home now)) I'll find it in my dvd collection when return
if I'm off more than 3 days write me el.santie@ya.ru to remind, pls))

2013-03-22 в 14:00 

Will do! Again, thank you very much!

2014-11-01 в 20:37 


I am afraid I do not speak Russian, sadly, but I too would very much like a copy of the Julian Sands film "Kenneth Tynan: In Praise of Hardcore." I would happily receive it by torrent, Google Disk, or any other means that are convenient for you. Unfortunately, the torrent site thebox.bz shut down for good about three months ago, and this film seems very, very hard to find outside the Internet!

Many thanks,


2014-11-06 в 01:02 

Doktor Sleepless [DELETED user]
Hello dear Landulph,

I've uploaded the movie -- yadi.sk/d/l4Rh6z0McWyCn

2016-08-31 в 00:02 

Дурь генерирую изнутри
Эль Санти,
Спасибо большое за ссылку! Думала, учитывая, что коробка скончалась, нигде не найду этот фильм.


Julian Sands