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C Днем Рождения!

Happy Birthday, mr. Sands!
Надеемся и уповаем, что Вас станет больше, лучше, сильнее)))

Открытка с автографом, большое разрешение:



Джулиан спортивно раздает афтографы и пытается слинять от фанатов:

Те самые кадры с морем, зонтиком и.. еще кое-чем!)
(это оказывается было в бонусной секции ДВД с фильмом Отель)

Альтернативная смерть женщины из эзотерической лавочки из первого Варлока.
(предупреждаю, это брутально!)
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"Комната" - джу с Энни Леннокс. Для остатней части ролика переходите на ю-туб и будет все хорошо.
Качество лучше, чем тут когда-то мелькало.
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Трейлер к "Хоршей жизни"
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Та самая реклама с Хеленой Бонем Картер
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Tomorrow man

Ребята, цветем и пахнем!
"Человек из будущего" (Tomorrow man) TV-rip, RUS



Джулс отпустил усы.
Кошмар на улице вязов.
Интересно, кого он хочет напугать?)


Елена в ящике

Вот я не понимаю, чего её все так ненавидят?..


Вкусная картинка

@настроение: СВУН


Народ его видел

I actually just saw him TODAY at a fundraiser 5K/8K race in Studio City, CA!!! (It's the second time I've seen him--another time in the airport). Since he was warming up and stretching for the race, I didn't want to bother him. Looked like he was with his wife and one of his young daughters. The man is still beautiful after all these years. It's true--the guy is an avid runner and it shows! It was good to see him running for a good cause (Ovarian Cancer Research)
by MoviefanRMS (Sun Sep 13 2009 14:11:45)

I've met Julian...he's really nice but quite shy...
by likethecherry (Sun Aug 7 2005 09:47:38)

I met him today at work (for a couple of minutes only), he's a friend of someone at work and I sent a fax for him! I have to admit that I came on this site to find out about him, as I'd heard his name but couldn't think what I'd seen him in, although he looked familiar, he was very nice!
by mashauk (Thu Jul 28 2005 15:35:30)

They say he doesn't give his contact adress anywhere since he never answers fanmail and the like (I'll be damned if he even has a computer he uses for more than e-mailing his agent and checking the news on BBC or something).
He's one that really doesn't like to be e-mailed methinks, and I think that should be respected. I know how much he must mean to you (and hell, me too!) but I would never go so far as to disrespect his wishes. Some celebs do give their adresses because they like the contact with fans. From what I've heard others say he's a very reserved person so I guess he's just not that way.
by Koteas1 (Wed Apr 13 2005 11:58:39)

More of a stage actor isn't he? I mean, to me there's a big difference between acting on film and on stage. There's a different nature to doing things.
He's very good in theatre. Looks good in makeup too. Cinema, isn't as impressive.

I remember he was always in the press in the UK in the 80s due to his 'unconventional' lifestyle. IIRC at one point he lived with two women. I know the tabloids used to feature him regularly and included things like three in a bed romps and S&M. How true it all was I have no idea but for years that's all I ever remembered about him when I saw his name in the Radio Times.
by j-blake-1 (Wed Oct 24 2007 08:38:08)


Про братца-Квентина

Britain's sexiest man!

From the Telegraph & Argus, first published Saturday 12th Sep 1998.

HIS big brother Julian might be a Hollywood star but Quentin Sands is happy to be called Britain's Sexiest Man.

For such a title has just been bestowed upon the modest drama teacher from Gargrave, who is bracing himself for plenty of ribbing from his team-mates as he plays rugby union for Wharfedale tomorrow (Saturday).

She magazine has decided that the 38-year-old Central School of Speech and Drama graduate is the epitome of masculinity.

But Quentin, who works at Harrogate Grammar School, is baffled at all the attention.

He explained: "A student called Nicola Elliot, who I didn't teach, was on work experience at She magazine in July, when they were running this competition. So she called me up to ask if she could nominate me.

"I was a bit gobsmacked to say the least and didn't quite know what to make of it. But I thought, it's a bit of a laugh and went along with it!

"I couldn't believe it when they decided I was the winner. My brother wasn't put forward but I don't think he feels threatened."

After the magazine hit the shelves Quentin took his wife, Nicola, and young sons Stanley and Walter on holiday in Cornwall, where bad mobile phone reception meant TV companies couldn't contact him.

But the youngest of five brothers said he has been amused by the interest.

Quentin added: "I have had quite a lot of stick at school. One girl even bought 15 copies to make sure that she could keep the interview and pictures forever."

Picture by Stephen Garnett.

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From the Telegraph & Argus
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С днём рождения, Джулиан!

Искренне ему желаю наконец-то сняться в чем-нибудь достойном его таланта.
Результты пробежки по ю-тубе:

Галерея Paul Raymond Gregory .
Вот этот чувак выложил начитанные Джу тексты про картины художника-толкиениста Paul Raymond Gregory .
Вот тут валяется неплохой ролик по Варлокам, сразу обоим, с весьма неплохим саундом.

Ребята стебутся над "Призраком Оперы".
1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfDOzvz4pPs
4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=poew707umXg
5. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVgHcEegpG4
+ еще две или три части. Там сперва дурацкие мультяшк, потом разнос фильма не в хвост, а в гриву

Фильм о жизни индейцев, где рассказчик - Джу.
"Detras de los Cerros" Es un viaje a travez de la inhospita sierra tarahumara y las inaccesibles regiones de Chihuahua. Casa de uno de los grupos mas prominentes indigenas en Mexico, Los Tarahumaras, considerados los cavernarios del Siglo XXI, nos dan herencia cultural enriquecedora, Los Tarahumaras pelean por encontrar el balance entre sus tradiciones y la actualidad. Narrado por JULIAN SANDS, musica de Gabriel Currington, Fotografia, Jairo Sifuentes, Director, Oskar Laffont.

Короткометржка "The Good Life". Найдено, кто такая Андерсон. Весьма забавный ролик:
"The Good Life" is a short film starring Julian Sands and Jolene Andersen, directed by Andrew van Baal and based on a short story by Adam C. Bloom.

Сцена интервью из "поворота винта". На англйском. Собственно, единственное место, где Джу присутствует в фильме.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIDwdMIjS8g - рум4
www.youtube.com/watch?v=VluFwK2Q0zQ - рум5

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynv7goigjbw - кен
www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyEsFAaquwU - 2
www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1p8LAjXrpE - 3
www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyY2B7rSBnA - 4
www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9HU6jKigyE - 5
www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHswSNwiduA - 6
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo1FB4_lr2s - 7
www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTvViKDSxHg - 8
www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTNsKsGyoSs - 9
www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JsI2_8Cmr4 - 10
www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfUjYKFP9BU - 11




А вот и крипотнитская серия. www.megavideo.com/?v=BAA0HU1X



Кровь и кость

Уже можно скачать.
Фильм об уличных драках, ээм, афроамериканцев с афроамериканцами, в общем-то.
Не имеет интеллектуального содержания, поэтому Джулиан там скорее для красоты и призван изображать квинтэссенцию нехорошего "белого", которому можно в лицо высказать, что "чёрные" - они не только поют и дерутся. На что квинтэссенция с неподражаемой мимикой заявляет, что восхищается "животным атлетизмом" последних, но увы, не может представить, что они ещё умеют делать....
Он, конечно же, классический глав.гад и, в то время как глав.герой с тем самым артистизмом надирает филей оппоненту (неплохо поставленный балет, ничего не скажешь), мистер Сэндз сидит в пафосном кресле и наслаждается разминанием плеч - у него, естественно, есть злодейская азиатская сподручница.

Колониальный британец во всей красе:

Julian Sands