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Julian Sands
Если вы нашли эту страницу, не мне вам рассказывать, кто такой Джулиан Сэндз (Julian Sands) :) А если вы вдруг видите вон то лицо в левом верхнем углу впервые - то тем более, проходите и располагайтесь. Разговор нам предстоит занимательный...
К сожалению, информации о таком замечательном актёре и человеке в сети, даже англоязычной, практически нет. Поэтому мы собрали всё, что сумели найти. Если у вас есть, что дополнить - пишите!


Julian Sands : The Bollywood Hero

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Julian Sands is known for his 1989 cult film Warlock and his recent appearance in the popular American series – 24. He is now going to be seen next in IFC and Take one Productions' The Bollywood Hero which is a 3 part comedy series. The series also stars Neha Dhupia, Rachna Shah and Chris Catan.

We caught up with Julian when he was recently in Mumbai to shoot for the series. Julian told us, "It is really funny, crazy and romantic to explore the Bollywood industry. I had a very happy time shooting here." He further added, "Not many are aware that was not my first brush with Bollywood. Some years back I had worked in Esmayeel Shroff's Bombay Talkies."

Telling us further about his Mumbai experience, Julian said, "I visited the museums and found the city to be a melting pot of human experience. The city has every aspect of human condition and is a celebration of colour, smells and energy which is so intense and exciting. I have also traveled through the local trains and that was one amaxing experience."

His 2 part comic series revolves around Kattan who is tired of being rejected as leading-man material in Hollywood, he burns his professional bridges in L.A. and ventures to India where he's been promised a starring role in a Bollywood film. While in India, he encounters cultural differences and a system that, much to his shock, is even more severe than what he faced in Hollywood. About the series he revealed it is a film within a film "Neha Dhupia plays my love interest in the film. It is a spoof on Bollywood."

About what is next on his plate he revealed, "I would love to work in a purely Indian film. But now I will be going back to L.A and by the end of April, I will start shooting for Charles Darwin's In the Summer which is being directed by a first time director."



Yahoo! Groups

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law


Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
One of the few things we know about Julian's off-screen life is that he likes to garden. Thanks to photographer Véronique Vial, we have a lovely portrait of him on his garden porch (along with a great story about that morning in his garden). One of the only other chances we have to see that side of him is a brief scene in Boxing Helena where he (as Nick Cavanaugh) pots some plants and cuts a rose from the rosebushes. I thought those images deserved a special place of their own.

Vial says: "Julian went to his English-style garden and trimmed a few roses and aromatic herbs and brought them to me with the coffee he had made."


Болливудский герой

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law



Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Terence Stamp may have voiced Jor-El for Smallville, but Julian Sands is taking on his Kryptonian form.

As seen in the season finale, Zod (Callum Blue) has ventured to Earth, albeit unaware of Clark (Tom Welling) and who he'll grow to be. Zod has brought a few Kandorians along for the ride — including Jor-El, Clark's biological dad. Sands' casting was first reported by EW's Ausiello. Jor-El first appears in the season's seventh episode, which is titled "Kandor."

The new Super-suit debuts at Comic-Con

Back at Comic-Con, executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders teased that because of the time-parallel caused by Zod, there would be a chance to see a living Jor-El. "You'll learn pretty quickly -- in Episode 2 -- what happens," said Peterson, who also teased that Stamp will be heard again this season as well.

Smallville premieres on Friday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on the CW.




Такедо Мураи
Киллер - это такая востребованная профессия...
И чтоб не флудить просто так, пришел не с пустыми руками:
Sifting Sands

Fifteen years after being the world’s most famous English gent, Julian Sands has finally found job satisfaction - as Mike Figgis’s masseur.

Still best known for his lead in Merchant-Ivory’s A Room With A View, 15 years ago, Julian Sands has kept a relatively low profile - in Hollywood and Europe since, but has worked with everyone from David Cronenberg to the Taviani brothers. In recent years, he’s appeared in five Mike Figgis films, including his latest, Timecode, in which he plays the clown-like Quentin, an interfering masseur to the Hollywood hotheads.

How id you and Mike get together?

It came about when I was at drama school. I was a big fan of the People Show, in which Mike was a performer, and when I heard he was making films I was very interested to meet him. When we did The Browning Version I think we developed a good shorthand for working together. Then I played the strange creature in Leaving Las Vegas, and the male nurse to Rob Downey’s bottom in One Night Stand, then Loss Of Sexual Innocence which was in some way the most important thing I’ve worked on. Mike likes to have an ensemble of familiar people around him, like forming a band.

How did your character come about?

Mike first wanted me to play one of the executives - a token Oxbridge Brit in the Hollywood studio - and I ventured that I became an actor to avoid being that, so could I try something else? I had this idea for a masseur, who’s a bit based on my younger brother, Quentin, who came through LA a few years ago where he had a pretty naughty time being a masseur. Also Mike was one of the cameramen, and I think the reason he allowed me to be a masseur is between filming I would give him a shoulder rub.

So you were the off-set masseur as well?

I was the group groper. I was everyone’s bitch.

Shooting it must have been pretty different.

The only way we could make sense of who was going to be where and when was by using sheet music, with each bar representing five minutes. We rehearsed it through a couple of times but really we learned by doing it, and after each run-through we would chill for an hour or two and then watch it back (on four monitors) and refine it some more. Also everybody was very exposed to each other. Nobody could dissapear to their trailer once it was up and running, you were all there on the same stage. It was only 10 days of rehearsal and 10 days of shooting, which was very tiring.

So how many versions were shot?

Fifteen. So some days we were shooting one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was always so different depending on the time of day, the light, the traffic, what mood people were in; sometimes they were feeling snappy and could improvise a funny spiel and other times they were mute.

You’ve come a long way since A Room With A View.

That became an international reference point with which I could very easily be pigeonholed. I was in my mid-20s when I did that and now I’m 41. A lot of the work I’ve done since then has been more substantial perhaps but much less viewed, which is a choice I feel quite lucky to have had. I can’t think of anything since that has been that widely viewed.

Boxing Helena?

The thing about that was every person who went on to trash it was an enthusiast for the project originally. It was the hottest kind of project around and it was written about all the times, which, of course, is a great warning sign. But the way it was received was almost career-ending for everybody, which was an interesting sort of experiance to endure. And by the way, I quite like the result.

взято отсюда:


наиболее полная фильмография:


Болливудский герой

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Ссылки на торренты: английский язык

Чуть позже будут скриншоты и впечатления.


Кровь и кость

Уже можно скачать.
Фильм об уличных драках, ээм, афроамериканцев с афроамериканцами, в общем-то.
Не имеет интеллектуального содержания, поэтому Джулиан там скорее для красоты и призван изображать квинтэссенцию нехорошего "белого", которому можно в лицо высказать, что "чёрные" - они не только поют и дерутся. На что квинтэссенция с неподражаемой мимикой заявляет, что восхищается "животным атлетизмом" последних, но увы, не может представить, что они ещё умеют делать....
Он, конечно же, классический глав.гад и, в то время как глав.герой с тем самым артистизмом надирает филей оппоненту (неплохо поставленный балет, ничего не скажешь), мистер Сэндз сидит в пафосном кресле и наслаждается разминанием плеч - у него, естественно, есть злодейская азиатская сподручница.

Колониальный британец во всей красе:


Болливудский герой

Ну что ж, как и можно было ожидать, американское кинцо про создание фильма командой неудачников/начинающих просто не могло обойтись без приличного количества штампов и потенциально слащавых сцен. Потому-то валялся "Герой" у меня на компе, всё никак не могла начать смотреть, догадывалась.
Знаете, что меня удивило? Оно действительно смешное. А ещё чрезвычайно живое - только во время просмотра я поняла, насколько всё же соскучилась за лицами, способными к мимике, в противовес тем холёным разрисованным маскам, которые сейчас переходят из фильма в фильм.
Местами кино даже трогательное получилось. Оно состоит не из одних штампов, заранее рассчитанных на определённую реакцию аудитории, и даже штампы - они сыграны... живо? Опять всё то же слово, но оно у меня из головы всё никак не выходит. Потому что да, отличается. Ну, роль главного героя вроде как вообще исполняет какой-то известный американский комик, так что не удивительно, что уж он-то изобразить эмоции может. Но остальные актёры - тоже!
Да, я до сих пор в глубоком отпаде, думаю, это заметно.
Потом, там куча юмора. Причём нормального здорового смеха, а не отбитых яиц и прочих вызывающих брезгливость радостей, которых от Амерички ожидаешь.
Неа, глубокого смысла искать бесполезно, но чтобы поднять настроение - самое то. Лёгкое, ненапряжное - и утягивающее.
И Джулиан Сэндс - он великолепен. Он реально классный. После того, как я налицезрелась на крайне унылое и несчастное лицо в его последних работах - а здесь он... ммм! Мимика, повторюсь, просто невероятная. Живая, смешная, обаятельная... Да, я пишу отзыв и не претендую на литературность, так что мне можно постоянно повторяться;)
И, кстати, что-то я не припоминаю ни одной его полноценной комедийной роли. А вот здесь - оно самое, и Джулиан во всей красе!

Единственное но - возможно, конечно, если бы я смотрела в переводе, то чистого удовольствия получилось бы меньше. Потому что недопонимание диалогов всё же повышает интерес. Но - определённо советую для просмотра тем, кого не отпугнёт перспектива качать аж с Мининовы и вслушиваться в английскую речь.

@темы: отсмотрено


Тайны прошлого (Long time since)

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Посмотрел "Тайны прошлого".
Режиссёр долго курил восточный кинематограф. Потом у него кончился восточный кинематограф, заело диск с Ondeoza и пришлось курить Бернса. Но Бернса он не вынес, и потому позвал на помощь оператора, которого попёрло уже от одного запаха в квартире. Вообще, оператор по жизни пребывал в суровом убеждении, что если снимается лицо актёра, то оно должно попадать в кадр чуть более, чем наполовину, и никак иначе... а всё остальное можно вообще не снимать, просто положить рядом с объективом и пойти... правильно... покурить с режиссёром, у которого в запасе всегда есть что-нибудь забористое, помимо матов, которые выдавал мистер Сэндз, когда его просили изобразить очередную аллегорию.

Мистер Сэндз читает сценарий.
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Мистер Сэндз в глубокой фрустрации на тему "что я должен там делать?!"
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Мистер Сэндз осознал и написал завещание, судя по лаконичности, нецензурное.
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Мистер Сэндз охотится на режиссёра...
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Мистер Сэндз показывает величину нычки с режиссерской травой (судя по выражению лица, он знает, о чем говорит).
Особенно внимание прошу обратить на чёткие следы головы мистера Сэндза на стене слева.
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Игрушечка по Чернокнижнику

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Эмулятор Sega для запуска допотопной игрушечки по Чернокнижнику. Жаль, там надо за Охотника играть. Эх)


Сама она лежит тут: julian-sands.narod.ru/05-dl.html



Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law

January 25, 1994 GQ shoot with John Malkovich and Julian Sands at Smashbox put off until today because of last week's disasterous earthquake here in L.A. It is still very hard to get around and takes an hour to travel what would ordinarily be a 15 distance. John and Julian as always are easy and fun to shoot together. Later we go back to John's house for a Buzz Magazine cover shoot for their upcoming issue on the 100 coolest people in L.A.

June 28, 1993 Vogue Magazine shoot of John Malkovich's house in L.A. with Hamish Bowles as shootings editor. John has decorated the entire house himself. Very Moorish. Amazing eye for details. Remarkable taste. I do a nice job faking the fact that I have never shot interiors before. No one seems to notice. Later we all have dinner at Matshuhisa, my favorite Japanese restaurant in L.A.

May 15, 1991 John Malkovich at Polaroid studio in New York. We take some new color portraits and a few family shots with Nicole and their new baby daughter Amandine.

September 2, 1989 Shoot in Paris with John Malkovich, Julian Sands, John Lurie and Enzo Cucchi for Comme des Garcons. Lots of wonderful daylight inside a gigantic building with 60 foot ceilings. Later in the afternoon at the CDG office, another session with Malkovich and Sands for the cover of L'Uomo Vogue. We work in a nearby alley. After the shoot Malkovich changes back into his own clothes and Lily tells him that he looks ridiculous in this suit which he has altered into shorts and a jacket. Dinner at Tour d'Argent with Rei Kawakubo, Marion Greenberg, Karin, Malkovich, Sands, Lurie, Cucchi, and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. During dessert Lurie throws things into the Seine from the 3rd floor window.

February 25, 1988 John Malkovich at 4PM. Saw him in Burn This an ordinary play saved by his brilliant stage presence. We shoot some 11x14's and talk about clothes. He made his own costumes long ago and now loves Comme des Garcons. I'll talk to Rei Kawakubo about him. Perhaps we could do some shots for my CGD series.




Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Интервью о роли мистера Сэндза в сериале Stargate (он там играл главного жреца расы Орай, Досаи).
В формате PDF можете загрузить тут, а почитать текст - ниже.

Since Daniel and Vala paid him an unexpected visit in season nine, the Doci has been mysteriously absent. Julian Sands tells us exactly what the Doci is up to in Stargate: The Ark of Truth...

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Julian Sands Joins 'Smallville' Cast as Jor-El

Julian Sands
Ну что же, у нас даже есть фотографии.
Джулиан будет играть папашу Супермена по имени Jor-El.

Julian sands as Jor-El

Промо-ролик на Youtube, где мы можем целых 2 милисекунды созерцать спину и профиль мистера С.:

According to the source, it's actor Julian Sands who's been chosen to play the role of biological daddy to Clark (Tom Welling). In earlier seasons of Smallville, it was Terrence Stamp who provided the voice for the character. For season 9, however, viewers will be introduced to this 24 star in his very Kryptonian form. читать дальше

Just last month, Warner Bros. decided to shelve the idea of a new Superman reboot, ending any recent chance to wipe Superman Returns from our heads. (Sorry fans, but aside from the shot to the eye, that flick was anything but cool.) Yet now I find myself wishing they'd reconsider, and it's all because of Smallville.

Clark Kent has had something of a strained relationship with his paternal Kryptonian father over the years. But that's just what happens when a guy has to deal with the disembodied psychic computer version of a dad he never knew.
Well, as we reported back in September, a kinder, gentler Jor-El may just meet his son in the flesh for the first time in the Nov. 6 episode of "Smallville" entitled "Kandor."

Посмотреть ЕЩЁ на Яндекс.Фотках

Фото потырены в основном отсюда.



Julian Sands
1. Есть кадр с проекта Assisting Venus.
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2. Найден форум, где Джулиана обозвали "напыщенным эгоистичным кретином" :heart:
Больше всего понравилось предположение на счёт "I think he gave you a knock back!". :hah:

3. У нас в эпиграфе новая картинка, на сайте немножко обновлений в фильмографии, кто не видел...
И у кое-кого было немецкое интервью. Просьба положить сюда хоть непереведённым, пусть все будет в одном месте.

4. И давайте поболтаем. А то нас тут уже пятеро, исключая создателя, почему бы не.))


Касаемо театральных работ Джулиана - вот, свеженький анонс

AN EVENING OF HAROLD PINTER'S POETRY READ BY JULIAN SANDS Including recollections of Sands' time studying under the playwright. Odyssey Theatre, 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd., L.A.; Sun., Nov. 29, 5 p.m.; Wed., Dec. 9, 8 p.m.. (310) 477-2055.



The Room

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Ссылка на файл: narod.ru/disk/16573836000/The%20Room1.00.avi.ht...
Размер: 159 мб
Язык: англ.
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В дремучем Шервудском лесу

Julian Sands
Джулиан, как обычно, исполняет мерзавца, дракономучителя и нехорошего человека.
К Робинк Гуду всё это не имеет никакого отношения, коечно же. Хотя изредка встречаются персонажи с подозрительно знакомыми именами.





Чернокнижник Джулиан
Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Обложки, годные для печати, к 1 и 2 Чернокнижникам.

1. 2.

1. s51.radikal.ru/i131/1001/56/2cd28efd65a5.jpg
2. s61.radikal.ru/i171/1001/e3/4b13ec90ce5f.jpg

Julian Sands